Trevor Dunn & Shelley Burgon - Baltimore


 Harpist Shelley Burgon and bassist Trevor Dunn completed a non-stop 17-day tour of the Southern US in March of 2005 in which they appeared in noise-houses, concert halls, art galleries and rock clubs. The tour took them to unique towns such as Chattanooga, Athens, Charleston, Mobile and Spartanburg. This 2006 Skirl Records release is the documentation of their final show of that road-hashing in Baltimore, MD in its entirety; in it's natural, chronological state. The performance took place in a humble record store in front of an intimate audience. It is representative of two minds honed-in on a nightly ritual of sound and form; road-weary, confused and open to surprises and shifts in the natural order of things.

 "Wavering between patient meditation and maniacal catharsis Dunn and Burgon mine the narrow fissure between pure improvisation and through-composed chamber music, slashing at the extreme interplay between steel, string and wood. Strings are beaten or jimmied with clothespins, the harp alternately caressed and throttled. The sonic equivalent of a Joseph Cornell box, the duo has a haunting, cinematic quality that is both staggeringly complex and achingly beautiful" -Tim Duroche, Willamette Week, Portland, OR

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