Travis Laplante Heart Protector
Skirl 018

Heart Protector

Five Points

The Great Mother

She Heals as She Harms

The Tear Dam

Travis Laplante - tenor saxophone


Overtones register almost as seismic events on "Heart Protector", Travis Laplante's severe and haunting debut. It's an album of solos inventions for tenor saxophone, arrhythmic and often atonal, but ripe with tension. There's tremendous technical control behind what Mr. Laplante does here, splintering notes as if through a prims, using circular breathing for purposes of hypnotism. At times on "The Great Mother" he seems to be exploring chord permutations; on "She Heals as She Harms" he goes for pointillist arpeggios. And the title track opens with a waft of polyphonic long tones, like the ritual sounding of gong.