Leah Paul - Trenza


"Proudly proclaimed to be composed music, though many of the players, including Paul herself (who has played with Anthony Braxton), are associated with the free improvisation/jazz scene(s), clarinetist Chris Speed and bassoonist Sara Schoenbeck being the best known. There are two pieces, the two-movement "Steps to Stairs", which opens the album, and "California Quintet", in six movements. The music is entirely tonal, perhaps a bit influenced by Minimalism in its gestures, but not in its structures: it develops more quickly and switches moods more often. The contrasting timbres of strings and woodwinds-the latter dominating-are handled adeptly and do a lot to keep the music sparkling and attractive."-The Big Takeover

Leah Paul is a composer/ multi-instrumentalist who plays regularly with Blarvuster, Anthony Braxton, and has guested with rock bands and new music ensembles through New York City and Los Angeles. Leah has her own ensemble of dynamic musicians that regularly perform her genre-bending chamber music.

this recording is out of print, please visit https://leahpaul.bandcamp.com/album/trenza

Leah Paul-flute
Michel Gentile-alto flute
Chris Speed-clarinet
Ben Kono-oboe
Sara Schoenbeck-bassoon
Rob Jost-french horn
Tanya Kalmanovitch-viola
Peter Sachon-cello

Steps to Stairs Movements 1 - 2; California Quintet Movements 1- 6