Hilmar Jensson's TYFT - Meg Nem Sa  


Meg Nem Sa highlights Hilmar Jensson as one of the most unpredictable and unclassifiable guitarists today. And without sacrificing the alternatingly ethereal and unsettling atmospheres of TYFT’s debut release, they crank out tightly focused tunes refracting such influences as Led Zeppelin, Messhuggah and Sonic Youth, yet through the band’s own deranged prism. TYFT is a working band with a singular identity all their own, and Meg Nem Sa makes clear that these musicians have a level of nearly telepathic communication that can only come from years of working together. With Jim Black and Andrew D'Angelo.

Led Tyftelin, Shooshabuster, International Four, Ain't No Waltz, Tumble Bugs, Meg Nem Sa, Okkar, Ouch, Flutter, Hilsner, Bloq, Sezt Nidur, Amena