Curtis Hasselbring - The New Mellow Edwards


 The debut album by Curtis Hasselbring. Curtis’s composing and the New Mellow Edwards’ playing defies traditional jazz conventions and favors primal garage rock-derived grooves, textural explorations and classically-influenced structures. Curtis’s tweaked version of a modern instrumental supergroup features strong performances from three of New York’s most innovative musicians, Trevor Dunn (Mr. Bungle, Electric Masada, Melvins), John Hollenbeck (Meredith Monk, Theo Bleckmann, Claudia Quintet), and Chris Speed (Human Feel, Bloodcount, Pachora), ably led by the beautifully unorthodox and virtuostic trombonist.

White Sauce Hot Sauce Boss?, The Infinite Infiniteness Of Infinity, ABCs Of The Future, Plubis Epilogue, Double Negative, (I'm The Annoying Guy Who Always Yells) Freebird, Insaniterrier (The Radio Dog), Scatology, Ana (Black Francis), Far-Away Planet, Mamacita (Carol Kaye, Fats Waller)