The Clarinets


This trio (of Anthony Burr, Chris Speed and Oscar Noriega) creates an acoustic ambient music of unusual grace and beauty, redefining the clarinet in improvised/new music. Improvisation is the basis of their music, which bypasses predetermined strategies to concentrate on the organic, seamless, sound of the trio as a single entity. The players have the experience, poise and selflessness to keep the attention on this group dynamic, and to tease it out into compelling and highly cohesive pieces. The album was recorded in a resonant old church (in upstate NY) surrounded by nature, an environment that inspired the music's subtle shifts in timbre and pitch, enhancing the dreamy yet intense mood throughout the trio’s eight pieces.

Constellating, Languor, Accord, Televiewer, Scrawl, Mockingbird, Negatives, Lovescar