Anna Webber Simple
Skirl 027

Simplify Simplify
I Don’t Want To Be Happy

Anna Webber Trio with Matt Mitchell and John Hollenbeck

NYTimes - A young Canadian saxophonist and flutist now living in Brooklyn, Ms. Webber is writing music that goes two ways: toward plotted percussive cycles, precise and gamelan-like, in which repetition becomes its own reward; and toward the kind of playful and thinky, tone-smearing, what-is-a-sound? experiments that the composers of the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians started working on nearly 50 years ago. She’s played with a number of groups from Montreal and New York, some of them her own, but“Simple” (Skirl) is her best work yet, recorded with two of the best musicians working in New York’s compositional, high-concept avant-garde — the pianist Matt Mitchell and the drummer John Hollenbeck. These pieces are bracing, argumentative and engineered to show the range of the group members: fulminous, intense collective improvisation; rapid, chromatic steeplechases; research into long tones and textures.