Andrew D'Angelo - Skadra Degis


 Over the course of his 30-plus year career, D’Angelo has established himself as a shocking improviser and brilliant composer. His continued assault on musical boundaries and his iconoclastic musical ideas (documented most notably in the bands Tyft, the Matt Wilson Quartet, and Human Feel) have been powerful inspirations to his peers and to a new generation of improvisers.
On Skadra Degis D’Angelo pays tribute to the inspirations of his youth while maintaining his ruthless individuality, creating a deeply personal, ultra-modern record of finely crafted, passionate, swinging jazz. With JIM BLACK on drums and TREVOR DUNN on bass, Skadra Degis is a remarkable trio record, moving seamlessly between haunting ballads, frenetic psycho freeblasting, and reasonably straight-ahead swing.

Lame, Egna Ot Waog, Fam Hana, 25 Hits, Rutloosic, Tune Blue, Morthana, Boo Be Boo Bee Bee, Fichtik, Gay Disco