Skirl Records is an artist-run/independent label founded in 2006, documenting a community of composers/improvisers that drive the fertile Brooklyn music scene. The artists on Skirl bring a powerful singular vision to each release, while the catalogue as a whole transcends genre, skirting the boundaries between jazz, rock, electronic, classical and improvised music. Unique DVD-sized digipacks beautifully designed by Karlssonwilker aspire to separate Skirl Records from the run of the mill. Enjoy!

*All CDs are $15 + postage. Paypal will automatically add additional postage. Domestic (US) is $3.50 for 1 CD, $4.50 for 2, $5.50 for 3, $6.50 for 4, $7.50 for 5 and up! Due to the repeated insane price increases for shipping outside the US, International is now $15 for one CD, $17 for 2, $19 for 3, $21 for 4-5, $23 for 6 and up!* Canada is $11 for 1, $13, $15, $17..etc.